2014 Boulder County Fair Entries

I entered 10 items in the Boulder County Fair (fee was $5 for 10 items, $1 for each item after that). I will post about each entry as soon as I find the space to do so… but for now, everything is at the fair to be seen in person.

Department Class Lot My Entry Ribbon
Open Class Fashion & Clothing Art Adult Accessory Item – Woven Fabric Reusable Sandwich Wraps 1st
Other – Woven Fabric Stick Horse 1st
One-Size Diapers 2nd
Other – Knit Fabric Doll Sleeping Bag 2nd
Open Class Needlecraft Crocheted – Adult Wearable Item Kid’s Sweater 1st
Hat -
Hat -
Household Item Pillow 2nd
Open Class Quilts & Wall Coverings Accessories Other Newborn Diaper -
Open Class Arts & Crafts Amateur Handmade Beauty Lotion Viola & Chamomile Eczema Cream 2nd

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