My name is Kayla. I live in Colorado with my husband and two daughters. I started this blog while pregnant with my second daughter because I felt I needed a place to “put things.” I am a freelance graphic designer who works from home, along with my husband. I’ve always been into arts & crafts, gardening and food preservation on some level.

About the Name

KaylaMade soap labels exampleThe name KaylaMade predates this blog. For a design project in college, I needed to create mock labels/packaging for a product. I took this as an opportunity to try my hand at making my own soap as the product. I used it all for Christmas presents that year. In years since, whenever I’ve wanted to “package” a homemade gift, I’ve resurrected my mock KaylaMade brand (but ditched the Papyrus). When I decided to plunge into starting this blog, I was throwing around names when my husband convinced me that my ol’ KaylaMade was the perfect name, and there you have it.

About the Watermarks

I decided to use watermarks on my images because I have often found myself in a rabbit-hole where I see something but I cannot find the original source for the life of me. I have actually used other bloggers’ watermarks to google-find things, a process that is not ideal but much easier when there’s no link/mention to origin.

The close-to-home clincher for me was seeing a post shared on Facebook which I skimmed, only to spot my neighbor’s tiny house. It was one of those typical inspiration compilation-type posts but without links. “Is there a tutorial/post with more pictures/details? Is it something I can buy? Is it a design student’s prototype? I think I see an Ikea ad in there.”

Anyway, we all only have so much time, and I hope this choice saves someone some frustration.