Beet Bundt Cake

This week a friend on Facebook posted that her daughter requested pink cupcakes for her birthday and asked for our best ideas because she wanted to do 3 different flavors. My suggestion was beet chocolate, and she could use the beet water to color the frosting pink. She liked the idea and asked for my recipe. Since my recipe is a fifteen-year-old magazine clipping, I turned to Google to see if it was published online. I thought I’d cross-post what I found here as well.

First, here is the recipe. It also appears to have been posted to by the original recipe author Vermadel Kirby of Milford, Delaware, but all links to it get redirected to a different recipe– perhaps because in search for an online version, I also came across her obit… Verdamel sounded like an interesting lady. RIP Mrs. Kirby, and thank you for a wonderful cake recipe I’ve used for years.

Beet Bundt Cake batterThis recipe is very forgiving with the beets; I’ve used diced or shredded cooked beets as well, but I recommend sticking with pureed if you’re going for the classic moist cake texture (and hidden veges). Also, the language of my clipping called for 4 one-ounce squares of semisweet chocolate, chopped. I would use a chocolate bar when I couldn’t find the semisweet baking chocolate squares, and eventually wised up and opted to skip the effort of chopping by weighing out semisweet chocolate chips instead.

My primary downfall relating to this cake recipe—despite years of experience with it&mdashis that I never seem to wait long enough for it to cool before flipping it out of my bundt pan, which means my cake is rarely pretty. Sorry, Vermadel! When that happens I go the extra step of sprinkling on powdered sugar too early as well for a nice moldy look to top it off, ha. ;)

For cupcakes, I usually bake them about 30 minutes. For pink cupcake frosting, I use a (currently misplaced) nondairy buttercream-type recipe and use beet water instead of the milk/liquid for mixing, and it has come out a lovely baby pink. (I also use beet water to color my daughter’s homemade play dough pink.)

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