Kid’s Sweater

I made my oldest daughter a sweater from a photocopy I had made from a book I used to own before I passed it on due to moving around so much back in the day. It was actually a 20-volume set titled Make It Yourself: The Complete Step-by-Step Library of Needlework & Crafts that was published in 1975. It was a very heavy milk-crate of hardcover books, and eventually I made the decision to make copies of a few “someday” patterns and let the set go. It’s most certainly no longer in print. Check your library.

Kid's Sweater

Kid's SweaterWhat is interesting about this sweater pattern is the 5-color, 4-row base pattern. This makes the texture much more varied and interesting than simple striping, and I hope to play with this concept in other patterns. I used #3 (light) weight (baby) acrylic yarn for this sweater. The neck comes out very small, which worried me when I began the sweater, but it turned out okay in the end. I used other sweaters in her closet as my guide in how long to make the arms, and plastic pearl shank buttons from my stash.

I entered the sweater in the Boulder County Fair and got a blue ribbon for it. The judges leave feedback, and it was mentioned under room for improvement that they would have liked to have seen the neck better blocked. I didn’t block the neck at all… whoops!

Sweater Pattern
Sweater Pattern


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