Preschool Calendar for Learning

I started looking closer at the CoreKnowledge Preschool Sequence Month-by-Month outline, and have decided to condense select elements from the Level 1 activities/concepts into the rest of the summer, and start Level 2 in September. One of my first parent-generated orders of business is creating a calendar and an illustrated schedule of our daily activities.

I considered creating an illustrated velcro-dot + laminated card stock type of reusable monthly calendar + daily schedule. Pocket organizers also seem popular, because (of course) I googled for what other people were doing. While at the local office supply store, I decided on a magnetic dry erase calendar. I have some old ink jet magnet sheets lying around, and plan to use those to generate the numbers, months & holidays we can use month-to-month, year-to-year. For now I just used the dry erase marker, but I think magnets will allow my daughter to participate more fully as well as a cleaner appearance. With the dry erase we can get started immediately, and it’ll give us a good stand-in when I don’t happen to have an appropriate magnet for a special day.

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