Newborn Cloth Diapers

newborn cloth diaper - finished diaper outside & snappied

For our first baby, we used a diaper service. For our second baby, I was feeling more confident I could handle washing our own. I was dreaming about making diapers. I had made a handful of flats for my first baby after she was over a year old, but felt modern-style diapers would work out better all around for us. I still had all the wool diaper covers/soakers I had made my first, so I did not want integrated covers.

After looking around on the internet and comparing the available free patterns, I decided to try out Darling Diaper’s free newborn diaper pattern. (Mama Kat is a great blog, by the way—she has made all manner of diaper patterns and taken pictures of them on real babies, along with side-by-side comparisons.) After some deliberation, I decided on the “smaller NB” size, because I figured second baby would be a small & skinny baby like her sister, full term or not. (She turned out to be 7+ lbs at 37 weeks, but I digress.)Continue Reading

The Great Barbie Dilemma

tea time with Shola

The other day my daughter roped in my husband in getting down the Barbie box from the top of her closet and playing with her. I kept it on the top shelf because they are hard to dress and I’ve thought her too young for them; it’s a couple of my old Barbies, a ‘little orphan Annie’ child doll circa 1982, and a new Barbie that came with a hot pink Barbie BMW that my daughter received this past Christmas. My husband came away a little horrified at the new one in the tight minidress– I think may have been his first exposure to Barbie at close range. It turns out our daughter can dress them herself now for the most part. We hit the great Barbie dilemma.Continue Reading