Kid’s Sweater

Kid's Sweater

I made my oldest daughter a sweater from a photocopy I had made from a book I used to own before I passed it on due to moving around so much back in the day. It was actually a 20-volume set titled Make It Yourself: The Complete Step-by-Step Library of Needlework & Crafts that was published in 1975. It was a very heavy milk-crate of hardcover books, and eventually I made the decision to make copies of a few “someday” patterns and let the set go.Continue Reading

Newborn Cloth Diapers

newborn cloth diaper - finished diaper outside & snappied

For our first baby, we used a diaper service. For our second baby, I was feeling more confident I could handle washing our own. I was dreaming about making diapers. I had made a handful of flats for my first baby after she was over a year old, but felt modern-style diapers would work out better all around for us. I still had all the wool diaper covers/soakers I had made my first, so I did not want integrated covers.

After looking around on the internet and comparing the available free patterns, I decided to try out Darling Diaper’s free newborn diaper pattern. (Mama Kat is a great blog, by the way—she has made all manner of diaper patterns and taken pictures of them on real babies, along with side-by-side comparisons.) After some deliberation, I decided on the “smaller NB” size, because I figured second baby would be a small & skinny baby like her sister, full term or not. (She turned out to be 7+ lbs at 37 weeks, but I digress.)Continue Reading

DIY Backpacker Straw Vials

straw packets for food coloring

I did a homeschooling science-experiment-in-a-bag swap that called for me to distribute 5 drops of food coloring. Instead of using emptied & dried single-use water bottles as the instructions laid out, I decided I’d try these DIY backpacker single-use packets because I had several straws from recent hospital stay food service trays on hand. I figured everyone in the swap had kitchen glasses that could be used for the experiment instead, and straw packets would be much less bulky for storing the experiments.Continue Reading